Just when everyone assumed that Danielle Bregoli a.k.a Cash Me Ousside girl a.k.a Bhad Babie would be wrapping up her fifteen minutes of fame, she figured out a way to make it back in the headlines. Last week, she dropped her first rap single "These Heaux" to unfavorable reviews from most. However, once the video dropped, it turns out that she's sitting at No. 2 Spotify's "Global Viral 50" list, placing her just beneath Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do." TMZ caught up with the viral sensation to ask her on what she's thought on her recent success.

The tabloid website asked her how it felt to be just one position underneath T. Swizzy, she responded by saying, "She's someone that's been well known for a long time and I'm someone who's getting into the music game and it's kind of crazy that I could be like one below her." They tried to instigate some sort of beef by asking if she'd be throwing shade at the Swift but she made it clear that she has no problems with Taylor Swift

"She's cool, I ain't got no problems with her." Bregoli told TMZ.  

They later asked her about who she may be dissing on her latest single and video. There's been speculation that she'd taken shots at Kylie Jenner due to the fact that she's previously made statements on the young socialite. The speculations further developed after she dropped her latest video. There seems to be a shot with a Kylie look-a-like, getting her lips pumped with collegen. However Danielle Bregoli did not have a clear response for about that. 

She told them "Listen, its whoever you think it is." The cameraman quickly told her that he did believe it to be Kylie. 

She continued by saying "It's whoever you want it to be. Use your imagination."

While she's clearly not confirming nor denying that it is one of the Jenner sisters, she's definitely taking shots at someone. 

Bregoli is putting more efforts into her music career recently as she's been spotted in the studio with K. Camp and Quavo this past week. 

Watch the full video of the encounter below: