It was nearly a year ago that Danielle Bregoli invaded the internet after going viral as the "Cash Me Outside" girl, appearing on the Dr. Phil Show alongside her mother for her disrespectful and erratic behavior.

In the span of one year, Bregoli has managed to flip all that publicity into actual dollar signs, reportedly signing a TV deal,launching an entire music career under the alias Bhad Babie, and garnering a following that most people work years to amass. Now, on Christmas Day, Bregoli took to the social media to showcase her giving her mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli, a $65,000 check to pay off her mortgage debt.

In the clip, you'll find Barbara Ann asking her daughter if her gesture is serious before tearing up in a moment that even the harshest of critics can't hate on. This move comes after Bhad Babie debuted the visuals for her "Mama Don't Worry (Still Ain't Dirty)" track, a cut that serves as an origin story detailing Bregoli's upbringing in a troubled home and her experiences selling drugs.

"Now my mama straight, I ain't gotta push no weight / I came from the dirt, now I'm living great / Said I won't gone make it, look how hard they hated / Never had enough and now the bank, we break it," Bregoli rings out on the emotional track--a few lines that found visual aide in Monday's clip. Catch it below.