Daniel Jones hasn't even played one down for the New York Giants and the fanbase is already against him. The Duke football quarterback was drafted sixth overall by the Giants in this year's draft, a move which many people feel was ill-advised. Jones wasn't the highest-rated QB in the draft and having him picked so early seemed to be quite the stretch. The entire fanbase was shocked by the decision and it led to some pretty great memes and reactions on social media. Regardless, the Giants are stuck with Jones and are confident that he is their quarterback of the future.

Over the weekend, the Giants decided to release a hype video of Jones throwing some passes and let's just say it's a bit overdramatic. From the music to the weird jump cuts, it's clear that the Giants are trying to make you believe Jones is better than he really is. Not to mention, all the "dimes" he drops in this video are to wide open receivers who in many instances, are standing still.

It's too early to tell whether or not Jones will truly live up to being a sixth overall pick but videos like this one probably won't help all that much. At least the Giants are standing by their convictions. That's definitely something to marvel at.