Shortly after defeating Ben Askren in a first-round knockout just last weekend, Jake Paul felt like it was a good time to go after everyone in the MMA world. From Conor McGregor to Dana White to Daniel Cormier, Paul seemingly had smoke for everyone. In fact, Paul went on his brother's podcast and said that he would be down to fight Cormier and that he is fairly certain he could win. Cormier didn't take those words lightly and during UFC 261, Cormier went over to Paul and gave him a stern talking to.

During the latest episode of Cormier's podcast with Ariel Helwani, the former UFC champion spoke about his showdown with Paul and how he won't be taking the YouTuber's disrespect. In fact, Cormier got violent went speaking about Paul as he explained exactly what he would do to Jake in the Octagon.

Jake Paul

Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

"I'm going to torture him. I'm going to hurt him. I don't want to box him. I don't want to fight in a limited skill set of rules. If you really want to fight me, fight me in a mixed martial arts competition," Cormier said. "I'm going to rip his face apart. I'm going to hurt the kid. I'm will teach these kids not to continue to do this with people like me — athletes. Ariel, I will hurt this kid. … I'm gonna choke him, I'm gonna elbow him. I'm gonna hurt him."

Based on these words, it's fairly obvious that DC has very little respect for the youngest Paul brother. However, despite all of the tough talk, it's highly unlikely these two ever face off in an MMA setting.