Toronto homies may remember when Daniel Caesar was working the door at the club formerly known as NEST at the corner of College and Bathurst. It was his part-time gig when he was still pushing numbers on Soundcloud with his first few tracks. Fast forward a few years and now the 23-year-old is pretty much everything. On August 25th, 2017 he released his debut studio album Freudian that is more of a necessary playlist that you don't want to pause for anything. 

Among his upcoming summer festival sets, Daniel recently paid a visit to NPR's Tiny Desk to perform an intimate, slowed down rendition of three of his most lovely songs - "Japanese Denim," "Get You," and "Best Part." The man sounds the exact same, if not better than he does on his album proving his talents are endless and we're desperately waiting for more to come. 

"It's pressure, it's pressure. It is a lot of pressure just because I'm still freshman," Daniel previously told CBC when talking about his success. "You know these other artists are like junior, senior — not even sophomore because they're many, many projects deep. ... I still got a long way to go."

We're ready whenever you are, Daniel.