Daniel Caesar's CASE STUDY 01 tape is still a fresh offering that boasts features from PharrellBrandy, Sean Leon, Jacob Collier, John Mayer and others. The album is a refreshing follow-up to Daniel's 2017 tape Freudian and the 24-year-old has come through to show more love to his work with a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform the second Case Study track, "Cyanide."

Dressed in what looks to be an air pilot's outfit (helmet and all) Daniel stood center stage with five gorgeous women singing backup vocals behind him. The performance is more laid back compared to the recorded single as we hear Daniel embellish on more notes, providing a different take on how the song can be delivered. 

Daniel Caesar's currently on the road for his Koffee accompanied tour for CASE STUDY 01 and has already announced a part two with another string of stops to perform for his adoring fans - peep the stops below.