As D'Angelo Russell is up for a restricted free agency this offseason, there's been mounting speculation on the potential to walk away from the Brooklyn Nets pending Kyrie Irving's arrival on the squad. 

If Irving does join the Nets, the organization would waive Russell's right and allow him the chance to join another franchise and according to sources close to the 23-year-old guard could be considering a return to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bleacher Report supports the new revelation, adding that the sources say Russell's consideration is especially strong following Magic Johnson's exit from the team's leadership.

It was in 2017, that D'Angelo Russell was traded to the Nets, acquiring Lonzo Ball in his place. Now Ball is going to New Orleans as part of the deal that is bringing Anthony Davis to L.A. and the team is reportedly looking to bring Russell back themselves if Brooklyn is out of the picture.

"A source within the Lakers organization not authorized to speak publicly has confirmed to me that the Lakers have strong interest in free agent guard D’Angelo Russell," writes league insider Arye Abraham. "I’m told the Lakers FO plan to have a face to face meeting with Russell at the beginning of free agency."