Kyrie Irving parted ways with his agent yesterday and it is believed that he will be joining Jay Z's Roc Nation. What's interesting about this is that Roc Nation has strong ties to Brooklyn which has many believing that Irving will end up signing with the Brooklyn Nets in free agency. The Nets have reportedly been one of the teams on Kyrie's list which just adds even more credence to the idea that he could end up playing for the team eventually. 

D'Angelo Russell is another free agent this Summer and some are salivating at the idea of Irving and Russell playing together in the backcourt. On Instagram recently, someone posted a photo of two Nets jerseys, one with Russell's name and the other with Irving's. Interestingly enough, Russell himself ended up liking the post which further ignites rumors that Kyrie might be joining the team.

There have been other franchises reportedly in the running for Kyrie, including the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, and potentially the Boston Celtics should he decide to come back at an increased salary.

With his move to Roc Nation in the works, it will be fascinating to see what Irving decides to do in the coming weeks. Free agency opens up on Sunday, June 30th at 6 P.M.