D'Angelo Russell had a breakout season with the Brooklyn Nets this year that was highlighted by a trip to the playoffs and an affinity for custom Arizona Iced Tea cans. While Russell has since been eliminated from the playoffs, he has been keeping busy and even showed off his love for Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona this past week. The young Nets star traveled all the way to Spain for VIP tour of the team's huge facility which also includes a basketball court. The footage was posted to FC Barcelona's YouTube account and it looked like a lot of fun.

The 6'5" basketball star met up with 5'7" midfielder Riqui Puig who played a game of "keep-ups" with Russell. Russell actually held his own pretty well and even got some compliments from Puig.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip though was when Puig tried to dunk. At 5'7" Puig clearly doesn't have the height to touch the rim but Russell was right there to pick him up and lift him like a figure skater so he could get his dunk off.

Overall, Russell looked like he had a pretty good time exploring a whole other world in soccer. It's definitely cool to see that athletes from completely different sports are able to have a mutual appreciation for each other.