Clemson University students and local residents came together on Saturday Night after the school's football team played a victorious game. They jumped around and danced until the floor literally gave out. People fell through the ground and landed on the floor below.

One of the partygoers who was celebrating during homecoming weekend in Clemson, South Carolina, felt something under his feet before the collapse. 

"You could hear the floor about to go through, kind of, but nobody thought it was going to happen. They just kept going."

Soon after, the floor gave way and dozens of people were sucked into the basement. Police claim 30 people were injured when the apartment clubhouse floor broke. Clemson Police Chief Jimmy Dixon says there were no life-threatening injuries. 30 people were split between 3 hospitals with broken bones and lacerations.

Jaylen Adams, who also attended the party, said the floor felt like a trampoline as people bounced to the music. He warned his friends and suggested a retreat to the balcony but the floor collapsed before they could make it.

"They weren't hurt at all but other people were crying, bleeding, it was just a shocking moment for everyone. They then evacuated everyone and ambulances and a helicopter came for all of the injured individuals."

The incident took place Saturday at the clubhouse of the Woodlands of Clemson apartment complex which was built in 2004. A police investigation is in progress.