Michael Chandler is one of the more explosive fighters in the UFC and fans always love to see him in action. Last weekend, he fought against Charles Oliveira at UFC 262 and while he ended up losing, there is no denying that he put up a solid fight and that he was a blast to see in action. With this in mind, Dana White already has big plans for Chandler's next fight and he is currently in the midst of figuring out who deserves the next shot at him.

While speaking to TMZ Sports, White teased UFC fans with a fight that would certainly satisfy those who want to see some chaos. White noted that Justin Gaethje could be a great matchup for Chandler and while it hasn't been confirmed, there are definitely some talks in place.

"That's a good question. I mean, there's a few opportunities," White said "He can fight Gaethje, we'll see. We don't have anything done yet but that makes sense and that'd be a fun fight. Imagine Chandler and Gaethje."

The last time we saw Gaethje in the octagon, he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov who immediately retired after the fight. Gaethje is still one of the best fighters in the UFC, and a comeback fight against Chandler would be a great show to watch.

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