Dana White has always played hardball with his athletes and superstars like Jon Jones are no exception. Ever since Francis Ngannou defeated Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight title, there have been talks surrounding a Jones Vs. Ngannou title fight. Unfortunately, those have quickly gone by the way side as White claims that Jones is just asking for too much money, at this point. Instead, White has every intention of giving the title fight to Derrick Lewis, who is another star in the division.

While speaking to TMZ recently, White explained the situation with Jones and how it won't be resolved anytime soon. White acknowledged that Jones can come back whenever he wants although for now, the UFC has moved on from negotiations with the undefeated legend.

Dana White

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images for GQ Australia

"Yeah, I've absolutely moved on," White said. "Listen, I put on fights every Saturday. We have a window where we try to build some fights and make some things happen. If the fights don't happen within that window, we move on, and realistically, I mean I've been saying it since the beginning, Derrick Lewis is the guy who should be getting the title shots. He beat Francis Ngannou. He's next in line, he's coming off of great performances and that's a wrap. We're moving on."

This will come as very disappointing news to all of the Jones fans out there although considering his history with White, it is to be expected at this point. Hopefully, a solution can be brought about sooner rather than later.