At long last, a confirmation that Jay Z is hard at work on new music.

In a new interview with Billboard, reggae star Damian Marley confirmed that not only is Hov busy laying down some new tracks, but that he's also working with the "Empire State of Mind" rapper. "We did some work in the studio recently and he wanted to come to Jamaica to get a [tour]," said Marley. "He's been to Jamaica before, but never Kingston. So he wanted to come down to Kingston and asked us if we could [show] him around and give him a tour musically, in terms of our history in Kingston."

"[...] I did some work with him for some stuff that he's working on," Marley added. "I'm not really sure of the details of his project in that sense, but we worked on some music together. I've been a fan of his music since he came out. We've never done any musical work together. So that was a joy to finally work together musically." It's not an out-and-out confirmation that a new Jay Z album is on the horizon, but that this point, it's as close as we'll get to that admission. Either way, new tracks for Mr. Carter is definitely something to watch for.