Damian Lillard has remained loyal to the Portland Trail Blazers for years, even though they are a small-market team that has yet to provide Dame with a plethora of talent to win a championship with. Unfortunately for the Blazers, there are various rumors surrounding Lillard right now, and they all have to do with him wanting a trade out of Portland. At every turn, Lillard has denied these rumors, however, they keep coming back with great force. 

For example, Henry Abbott of True Hoop recently reported that Lillard had requested out of Portland and that the Trail Blazers were already looking at trade packages. Since that time, many have criticized Abbott for his reporting, and today, Abbott came out with a statement saying that his sources are always accurate.

Damian Lillard

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Damian Lillard saw Abbott's tweet and decided to engage with it as he took to Twitter with a reply of his own. "Now ask yourself that same question about me. I’ve been transparent for a decade..I never denied where I stood following the season… don’t loop me in becuz of the state of the game right now. What you are reporting is simply not the facts bro. I’m the ultimate source," Lillard exclaimed.

Many fans were quick to get on Abbott's case about this, although the journalist stuck to his guns saying "For sure. Appreciate that, and you. But realize: I work in a profession where my reputation is as important to my livelihood as health is to an NBA player. Please be very careful about calling me a liar. I take my job very seriously, and do not lie."

At this point, fans are taking Lillard's side in the ordeal, however, only time will tell whether or not Lillard sticks to his plans to stay in Portland. After all, a lot can happen in the offseason.