The NBA season may be over but it certainly doesn't feel like it the way basketball continues to dominate the sports news cycle. 

For starters, the NBA Draft just took place on Thursday night and fans are still hashing out exactly what went down with all the trades. Next, we have the highly anticipated free agency period which kicks off at 6pm ET on June 30.

In the meantime, Portland Trail Blazers All Star point guard Damian Lillard and Sacramento Kings' second-year forward Marvin Bagley III are currently engaged in a rap battle. It all started on Thursday, when Bagley labeled himself the NBA's best MC and said he'd be willing to battle Dame for the NBA Rap crown during an appearance on ESPN's First Take. 

Dame immediately accepted the challenge on twitter, and just hours later Bagley dropped a diss track titled, "No Debate." Naturally, Lillard responded with his own diss, using the same beat Drake rapped over on "Duppy Freestyle" in his response to Pusha T last year. Now, it's time for Round 2. 

Early Friday morning Bagley released "Checkmate," while Dame dropped off "Bye Bye." Worth noting, the artwork for Lillard's second diss track is the iconic photo of him waving good-bye after hitting the series-clinching game-winner against OKC during the NBA Playoffs.

Check out both Bagley and Lillard's second diss tracks below.