Dame Dash has never been one to fool around and fumble his bag. The music executive and entrepreneur was quick to publicly expose "culture vulture" Lee Daniels and alleging the creator of Empire owed him serious coins. The business mogul's investment in Daniels led to a lawsuit wherein Daniels settled for an unstated amount for Dash. While the latter squashed the beef and led us all to believe the drama between these two was done, Damon Dash's exes meddled into the ordeal and requested their piece of the pie. Precisely, following numerous accusations of Dame Dash stepping away from his financial duties of child support, exes Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales began disputing their rightfully earned monies from the obtained settlement. 


We since reported on the two baby mothers cutting out the middle man, Dame Dash, and jointly coming at Lee Daniels' neck. Recent TMZ reports now reveal the exact numbers tied to the ordeal, with a formal lawsuit now officially launched. According to the child mothers, Dash has offered less than $5 dollars towards his child support payments since the year 2019 began. Furthermore, multiple warrants are still out for Dash's arrest over the latter. The court documents obtained by TMZ reveal Rachel Roy claims Dash owes her $826,166.88 while Cindy Morales outlined $244,721.43 in total.