Dame Dash has been in the news for the last week over his reaction to a question that Nick Cannon asked him during a sit-down interview. The talk between Dame and Cannon turned to rumors about Jay-Z and Foxy Brown, which the music executive was clearly uncomfortable speaking about. He was also unsure why the question was even being asked to him. Since then, a few people have reacted, making their own headlines. Dame sat down for another interview -- this time with Kenyatta Griggs -- and he noted that he would like to have a one-on-two meeting with Nick Cannon and 50 Cent. However, one man that isn't allowed in the room is Funk Flex.

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Dame quickly deflected when the Jay-Z topic was brought up, instead saying that if himself, 50 Cent and Nick Cannon got together in a room, there would be some legitimate money talk going on. He wrote, "I would definitely like to have a conversation with @50cent and if we do it definitely won’t be about no bubble gum shit like talking about some other dude. Only thing me @nickcannon and @50cent should be talking about when we get in a room is getting money...anything else is uncivilized... now that would gangster and really scary."

He goes on to say that Funk Flex would not be allowed into the meeting. "@funkflex you couldn’t be at that meeting you would fuck it up and tell master everything," said Dame Dash.