In case you missed it this morning, Lyor Cohen participated in a rather informative & interesting interview on the Breakfast Club, where he talked about numerous things including Kanye West, 300 Entertainment, Migos, Rich The Kid drama, and even Dame Dash who he disrespected in the process.

“Who’s Dame Dash? I don't even know him. Your bringing his name up, I don’t even know know him,” he said before reiterating that he still “didn’t know him” despite all the money the two made together in the late 90’s early 2000’s.

Of course Dame caught wind of the disrespect and decided to respond on Instagram Wednesday afternoon, saying Lyor proved his point that he’s a “culture vulture” like he’s been saying all along. He also shared a throw back photo of him & Lyor from what looks to be the early 2000's, proving that the two in fact do know each other.

“Thanks for this #liarCohen... for proving my point in true #culturevulture form...they make money off us and then try to erase our true history and act like the real ones never existed... not gonna happen bro...I benched you for the culture...enjoy your desk job at @youtube ...your going down in history for who you really are...I made sure of that... @2mabasa how do you even work with this clown...look how he disrespect yours brothers #staytuned @culturevultures_book .. and y’all see he’s unapologetic...he pays his bills at the expense of us... big question is why can’t he sell any rock music?...why can’t he eat with his own culture?..stop fronting on my people like you mean something... your own culture laughs at you …”

Dame is referring to the point where Lyhor said he has a family to feed and that he’d sign an artist even if he was a junkie or drug addict in order to make a profit off them.

Check out Dame’s response (below) and watch the full interview right here.