Court documents uncovered by The Blast last year reportedly showed that former Roc-a-Fella honcho Dame Dash stated that he was instrumental in developing Kanye West's career. Then, in October of last year, Dame got into a heated discussion with Adam 22 over Kanye West and the Jesus Is King's rapper's influence on the culture, regardless of Ye's political leanings. "What I like to do is talk about the sh*t I do agree with him with...What he's done in fashion, and you can't act like Louis Vuitton would be Louis Vuitton without Kanye...That's the bigger picture."

As controversial as both Dame Dash and Kanye West are individually, their additions to hip hop culture as a whole are undeniable. The pair of longtime friends were back at the forefront of conversations on Wednesday (June 10) after Dame shared an enigmatic photo to his Instagram page. Usually, Dame likes to post content with a caption explaining exactly what's going on, but with this one, he left interpretations up to viewers.

In the picture, Dame and Ye are seen standing together in an open field. Many fans have suggested that the pair of influencers are together in Wisconsin cooking up something good, but we'll just have to wait on confirmation. Would you be down to receive a collaboration of some sort between these two?