Dame Dash hopped on a call during the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. The rapper/host hit him up to ask him, "what exactly is a culture vulture and why is Lyor one?"

Dame laughs before clearing his throat to share his thoughts about the term in relation to Lyor Cohen.

"A culture vulture is someone that exploits the culture that he's not a part of, doesn't benefit the culture and takes care of his culture and has no respect for the culture he's exploiting [ ...] He's been making money off of our culture. He is not part of it. And he's been exploiting it, never helping, teaching, or anything. Doing what's in the best interest of his own pocket over the culture. And to add insult to injury, he is not accepted in his own culture. He cannot get no money in his own culture so he comes to ours, acts like a big cat, pretends we need him when we don't." 

Dash names nepotism as a privilege used by Lyor that hinders the community.

"Why isn't Tina Davis running one of this businesses? It's because he's the one putting all these people in business to further control our culture. Why is something called 'urban music' run by anybody white? Or 'black music', how can it be run by someone that's not black? What is that for our culture, bro?"

Dame specifies that it's not a racial issue later on. Still, he'd want to have a public debate with "any of them": "I want the smoke with Lyor." Budden says he'll try to organize the smoke for him.

Peep the full rant from 1:34:00.