Ranting is a high art, one that must be practiced and honed. Not everybody can stare another person down and administer an elaborate and eloquent verbal teardown; they may lack the moral fortitude, the vocabulary, or the devil-may-care flippancy required to burn such bridges. For Dame Dash, his credentials need no introduction. The legendary mogul, who will forever remain entrenched in hip-hop lore for his role in building Roc-A-Fella Records, has recently been given ample opportunity to let fly some premium verbal tirades. 

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

While his Deposition and teardown of opposing lawyer Christopher Brown (not to be confused with the musician) made for an entertaining moment to behold, his subsequent post-courtroom rant found Dash just as riled. TMZ caught up with Dash during his departure from the courtroom, and he was more than happy to pick up where he left off. "I got a tongue lashing from the judge cause I was disrespecting the lawyer Chris Brown at the deposition," says Dame. "I was teasing him about his shirt, cause he's a cornball." 

"Chris Brown keeps doing catty little things to get me upset in court," explains Dame, claiming he never once intended on disrespecting the court. "I love the process, but it's so many people like these pieces of...It's big business. I do big things...I bring the ruckus, I make the business. Traditionally, other people that don't deserve it try to be snarky and go behind your back and take the credit for it."