Dame Dash isn't the type to bite his tongue because he's worried whether or not someone is going to love or hate what he says. He's confrontational with his opinions, sometimes to a fault, but one thing that his audience knows without question is that when he speaks, they're going to hear his truth

Using social media to his benefit, as many other celebrities do, Dash posted an image on Instagram that lit up his comment section. In the photo, there is a drawing of two men, one white and one black, and all you can see is the back of them. The white man is to the left and he's wearing an American flag shirt with a Confederate flag hat. The black man on the right has his hair in dreads while wearing a Malcolm X shirt and a Pan-African flag patch on his pants. Both men are carrying guns and are giving each other dap. The text on the photo reads, "The only thing the establishment truly fears" and "I got your back brother."

Dash captions the photo by writing, "This would be logical...combine forces and really get the money but we’ve been programmed to hate each other so we stay slaves to a broke rhythm and fight over dumb s**t that doesn’t matter...mental slavery keep everyone broke." Dc Young Fly jumped in the comments to agree with Dash by dropping the "100" emoji four times. Lil Scrappy commented, "I agree wit u on that Dame D." Even Russell Simmons came through with a co-sign by saying, "This is absolutely true."

Not everyone was so accepting.

"Man fuck all that we need unity amongst ourselves first," one user said. Another user followed with, "Foh. Dude has a confederate hat on and we’re supposed to be brothers? Yeah right. We don’t need to join forces with racist white folks to get anywhere." Someone else added, "If u can’t unite with your own ppl first then u have no business stepping out to unite with others. Your house is the one on fire. U need to rethink this and the message you’re sending."

Do you agree or disagree with Dash's message?