A hustler should never take a night off. Without an absolutely relentless work ethic, would Dame Dash be where he is today? A legendary mogul, partly responsible for creating one of the greatest hip-hop dynasties of our generation, Dash has earned his place in history. True, he may leave feathers ruffled from time to time, but he wouldn't be the first person to fall out with former associates. In any case, Dame Dash has assembled stories for days, and anybody interested in going behind the scenes for a guided tour could benefit from listening in. 

You may have recently tuned into Dame Dash's conversation with Adam 22 on No Jumper, which found the talkative icon ruthlessly saying "everybody know Jay ain't shit. He's about the bag. We all know that. He's self-preserving. Period." Given the proximity with Jay's divisive NFL deal, Dame's interview proceeded to go reasonably viral, about nearing the one million mark. Today, Adam revealed that securing Dame Dash required a little bit of extra finagling, to the tune of $500 dollars beneath the table. 

"I paid Dame Dash for this interview," admits Adam, in a video shared by Akademiks. "Now it wasn't much. It was $500 bucks, but I paid $500 bucks. It was weird, my publicist was going back and forth with his connect, and the connect is like 'yeah, you know, is this a paid interview?' My publicist asks me, 'what am I supposed to say when people ask that?' I say, say no. So she said that, and they come back to her and say 'um, we're going to need $500 bucks for his haircut and his driver.' We thought this was pretty hilarious after - his haircut? He literally does not have a hair on his head. He rocks a baldy. Dame Dash shaves his head...That sounds like a pretty expensive haircut."

So in the end, was it a worthwhile investment? As Adam makes sure to confirm in the comment section, a profit was indeed gained: "I made almost 10k off that interview it was worth it." Dame Dash would be proud.