With rookie Luka Doncic tearing it up with the Dallas Mavericks, point guard Dennis Smith Jr. has had a more limited role within the team's offense. According to a report from yesterday, Smith Jr is unhappy with this new role and has missed the last four games. It was originally said that this was due to soreness in his back, but the last game he missed was under mysterious circumstances. Some even believe the player wants out, however head coach Rick Carlisle says he wants to keep the player on the team. 

"Dennis Smith is not here, but I want to let everybody know I reached out to him and his agent last night and let them know that when he's feeling better, he's welcome to rejoin the team at any time," Carlisle said according to ESPN. "We would love to have him back.

While Carlisle says Smith Jr. probably won't play the next couple of games, he also said the point guard has improved a lot during his time with the Mavericks and is proud to be his coach.

"In his year and a half here, he has started every game that he has been available to play. And during that period in time, he has experienced significant growth on both sides of the ball. I'm very proud of the progress that he's made. That's where we are," Carlisle continued.

The Mavericks have struggled at times this season, posting a record of 20-24 which puts them 13th in the Western Conference.