Sunday night, San Francisco’s 49ers fell prey to yet another victor in the form of the Dallas Cowboys after moving into their seventh loss in a row, and with a score of 40-10, it proved to be one of their more devastating defeats. Previously, the 49ers could be faulted in falling just a bit short of their opponent, but maintaining pressure the whole way through.

This time around, the only pressure present was on their own squad as discord and dissent kept the 49ers out of the game for the majority of the match-up while the Cowboys managed to gain a total of 501 yard on San Francisco, an unfortunate season high for the 49ers

"It was disappointing,” said coach Kyle Shanahan. “I think all three phases, players and coaches – we’ve got to play better than that, a lot better to give ourselves a chance to win.”

San Francisco just couldn’t match up. Rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard threw for 235 yards, scoring on a rushing touchdown of four yards in the fourth quarter, but still lost two fumbles and was on the receiving end of five sacks throughout the game “I’m going to have to watch the film and see it first,” Beathard would later say.

“There’s a ton of things. Whether it be good things that you can do better or bad things that you just need to be better at. In every play, you can look at something and critique it a little bit. That’s what I’ll do.”

Next up, you can catch the 49ers going up against the Eagles next Sunday while the Cowboys take on Washington’s Redksins. Until then, take a look at Twitter’s reaction to the blowout loss below.