While Jason Garrett has been able to get himself and his Dallas Cowboys some impressive winning seasons over the last few years, the team has been less than successful when it comes to the playoffs. The team hasn't been able to get themselves past the NFC Divisional Round, despite a plethora of talent around them. This lack of playoff success has led some to question whether or not Garrett deserves to keep his job in Dallas. Stephen Jones, who is the team's vice president and chief operating officer, told reporters recently that Garrett and everybody in the organization is going to need to step it up this season.

"No one wants Jason to be around here for the long term more than the Jones family," Jones said. "No one thinks more of him than we do. But at the same time … everybody's back is against the wall right now."

The team finished with a 10-6 record last season which was good enough to win the NFC East. Although, they eventually lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional game.

"We've got a really good young team," Jones said. "We've got high expectations for this young team. And everybody, from Jason to his staff, to our players, to ownership, to the organization, feels the pressure to take the next step. Our fans deserve that."

Garrett has a winning record of 77-59 since becoming the head coach in 2011.