Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott still might have to serve a six-game suspension this season, pending a ruling by the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

The case is being heard in New Orleans today, and the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals could make an immediate ruling on the NFL's request for a stay of the injunction that is allowing Elliott to play. However, according to ESPN, the belief is that a ruling would be made within two weeks, according to a league source.

According to USA Today, lawyers for the NFL will argue in front of a three-judge panel today that the league should be allowed to suspend Ezekiel Elliott immediately. 

ESPN outlined three potential outcomes from today's hearing, including:

• The Court of Appeals could rule that the district court lacked authority to hear the case and rule to vacate the injunction and dismiss the lawsuit, in which case the suspension would take effect immediately, though Elliott would likely file a temporary restraining order.

• It could vacate the injunction based on the merits of the case, believing that the district court overreached when reviewing the decision, particularly with how the courts ruled in favor of the league in the Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson cases.

• The court could deny the stay, which likely would mean that Elliott would be able to play the full season, with the legal battle to play out for the 2018 season.

Although Elliott was not arrested or charged by prosecutors, the NFL cited statements from Elliott's former girlfriend as well as photos that showed injuries Elliott allegedly inflicted in July 2016 for the basis for his six-game ban. 

If judges rule in favor of the NFL today, Elliott would not be eligible to return to the Cowboys lineup until Thanksgiving, when Dallas hosts the Los Angeles Chargers. 

Elliott rushed for 85 yards and a touchdown, and caught for passes for an additional 54 yards, including a receiving touchdown, in last night's 35-30 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. The Cowboys will host the Green Bay Packers next Sunday, the last game before their bye week.