Who thought that in 2019 Boyz II Men would be beefing with anybody? Famed producer Dallas Austin worked on the legendary R&B group's 1991 debut record Cooleyhighharmony, an album that has gone on to go 9x platinum. Austin has created music with TLC, Monica, Macy Gray, Sammie, Gwen Stefani, Pink, Outkast, George Clinton, Ciara, Troop, Janet Jackson, Johnny Gil, Deborah Cox, Eric Sermon, Lionel Richie, Will.I.Am, Brandy, and dozens of others, but it was Boyz II Men who rubbed him the wrong way.

In an interview with VladTV, Austin said that he was only a teenager when he met Boyz II Men and that he produced nearly every track on the singing group's record Cooleyhighharmony. Although the project was a smash hit, Austin was only responsible for producing one track on their followup album. When asked why, he simply stated, "I didn't like them after that."


Austin said that as a producer, his time was spent in the studio, not out in the street getting gassed up by fans, so his perspective was different. He recalled times he spent in the studio with the group after they became famous and said they would brag about their wealth or act as if they were better than others.

He was told that the group wanted to produce their second album alongside him, but he refused. He called Boyz II Men "assholes" and added that he worked on "Thank You" with them, and by the end, he "wanted to shoot everybody" because they were so difficult. To make matters worse, Austin shared that Babyface stopped by the studio while the group was recording because he had a song for them, but the guys were reluctant. When Babyface arrived, he allegedly sang "I'll Make Love to You" for them, in its entirety, but Boyz II Men didn't like it. According to Austin, they told Babyface to his face that the song was horrible.

It didn't make a difference, because they were forced by their team to complete the track and it went down in history as one of their most popular singles. Boyz II Men singer Nathan Morris watched Austin's interview and took to Twitter to air out his frustrations with his former collaborator.

"WTF is wrong with u homie?" he wrote. "Stay your ass out the woods tree-huggin and smokin weed and sh*t! U know your interview about @boyziimen with @vladtv was bullsh*t lies! I don’t really do this social sh*t but I’ll spew the real sh*t if u want n*ggah!"