Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott were involved in an altercation in Vegas on Monday night, and TMZ got the scoop on the situation. According to the media site, DJ Franzen and Elliott had some type of negative interaction, and Prescott tried to de-escalate the situation. Franzen went off on social media after the argument, "Can you believe Ezekiel Elliott tried to pick a fight with me?!" Franzen exclaimed in an Instagram video first spotted by SportsGossip. "Get the fuck up out of Vegas man," he continued. "You are never allowed in my section again, you little bitch...If y'all know Ezekiel Elliott, you tell em DJ Franzen said fuck you... you little bitch ass motherfucker."

Sources tell TMZ that the Elliot may not have instigated the fight. Allegedly, Franzen started talking smack about the Cowboys, instigating an argument. "He was trying to provoke Zeke," stated one source. Franzen is a famous celebrity DJ who has brushed shoulders with heavyweights like Jay-Z and T.I.Drake shouted out Franzen on "The Motto" ("Me, Franny, and Mally Mall at the crib-o") and "Elevate" ("Franny got the Aria setup like it's a Freaknik"). No matter who Franzen's friends are, a feud with one of the NFL's leading running backs doesn't sound like a good decision.