Dak Prescott is the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and when you're the face of one of the biggest franchises in professional sports, there is a big spotlight that comes with that. So far, Prescott has adjusted nicely to this spotlight and he has proven to be a role model in the community. In light of all of the political unrest in the country following the death of George Floyd, Prescott is speaking out and looking to make a huge difference through education and training.

According to the NFL, Prescott is committing $1 million to police training and systemic racism education. Prescott wants to bring people together and in his estimation, this is the best way to do so.

Prescott's donation will go a long way especially with everything that is happening. Money can help provide resources for good causes and we're sure Prescott's contribution will lead to a much better place to live. Not to mention, Prescott isn't the only athlete making such contributions which means there are plenty of resources being created.

As for his career with the Cowboys, Prescott is awaiting a contract to his liking. He is still negotiating with the Cowboys and it remains to be seen when an actual deal will get done.