Stephen Curry, the 2x NBA MVP, 2x NBA champion, and arguably the greatest shooter in the NBA, is not a Top-10 player in the league right now. At least, that's according to former Cleveland Cavs guard, Dahntay Jones.

Jones, who is currently an unrestricted free agent, recently made an appearance on Barstool Sports "Mickstape" podcast where he spoke about his top-10 players and why he feels Curry falls on the outside of that list.

"People get mad at me because I don't declare him a Top 10 player in the NBA," Jones said on Barstool Sports' "Mickstape" podcast. "I got him on the outside, like 11-12."

The 36-year old veteran made a point to say Curry is "very good, don't get it twisted," but pointed to Curry's defensive ability, or lack thereof, as the reason why he's "like 11 or 12" in the NBA.

Not surprisingly, Jones lists LeBron James as the best player in the league, followed by Kawhi Leonard at #2 and Kevin Durant third. He continued to list, in no particular order, John Wall, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Anthony Davis. 

You can listen to audio from Dahntay's appearance on the Mickstape podcast below.