A good chunk of DaBaby's fans have only been rocking with him for the last year or so but we've all read about the altercations he's gotten involved in over the course of his young career. The Charlotte native has gotten into his fair share of fights, firing weapons and heading to court to defend himself. During a recent performance, he decided to venture into the crowd to greet his thousands of supporters but when one woman got a little too close and struck the star in the back of the head, his security took action. The most recent headlines entailing the rapper deal with this incident and in order to get the heat off of his artist, Baby's hired muscle spoke out to clear his name.


The man, who goes by KaneKongg online, told his followers in a video upload that when they went into the crowd, he noticed "a dude" that was wylin' out. "As long as he don't touch my artist, I'm cool so I'm just gonna get him out of here," he explained. "Next thing I know, this n***a punched my artist in the back of his head. As you see in the video, a n***a punched my artist in the back of the head. So, you can't just be punching people in the back of the head and expect nothing to happen to you. So I turned around, seen who did it and I put the person down."

Do you think Kane went overboard or was he just doing his job?