Up-and-coming Charlotte-based rapper Cam Coldheart has reportedly passed away. Sources say the rapper was only 33-years-old. A cause of death has yet to be revealed. The rapper, whose real name was Cameron Henigan, reportedly leaves behind a few children, although it is presently unclear how many kids he had.

His passing is being described as "sudden" by multiple sources. Cam Coldheart was previously known for having a physical altercation at the Louis Vuitton store with rapper DaBaby. The fight, which was later revealed to have allegedly been staged, was supposedly a hoax, said Coldheart last year. "It's time to tell y'all what really happened. What's really going on in the Charlotte music scene? It was fake. It was a hoax, n***a. Some parts was real, but it was definitely heavily fabricated after the fact," he explained.

In the video, Coldheart was knocked out with a bloody nose and his pants were pulled down to his ankles. "That's Hollywood for you. Everything I said after that sh*t happened, everything on the internet for the past year was for money, you feel me," added the rapper in a 2020 interview.

We will keep you posted as a cause of death is revealed. Rest in peace, Cam Coldheart.