While writing this, I had to double back a couple of times. So, if you're reading and losing focus or count of baby's, baby mothers, and overall Jada-August-Esque entanglements, just know that I'm just as confused as you are. 

Firstly, DaBaby is currently in a romantic relationship with singer, songwriter DaniLeigh. A relationship she claims dates back as far as 2019 but was kept under wraps, as the two are often heavily criticized by the general public. In her caption below, DaniLeigh calls DaBaby, her baby, and also mentions that she doesn't care. Of course not.

However, MeMe, one of DaBaby's noted baby mama's does in fact care and was livid when DaniLeigh and DaBaby went public, claiming she's been with DaBaby all along and doesn't plan on giving him up anytime soon. To add insult to injury, about a week ago, MeMe and DaBaby were spotted out together at Offset's birthday party in Atlanta. 

Last, but certainly not least, is DaBaby's most recent addition to his roster, the mother of his youngest baby girl, who was identified at his birthday party. Her name and Instagram handle have not yet been revealed, but I'm sure the internet will have all the remaining details by tomorrow.  

And there we have it, folks, just like that, we are all caught up–I think.