Enough time has passed and finally, Cam Coldheart is comfortable telling the truth about what happened with DaBaby at the Louis Vuitton store last year.

A video of their altercation went viral, showing Coldheart antagonizing the rapper before DaBaby knocked him out, left his nose bloody, and pulled his pants down. The situation was truly humiliating for Coldheart, but he claims to have made a killing off of the name exposure. Speaking on the incident after one year of reflection, he now claims that the whole thing was actually staged by himself and DaBaby.

"It's time to tell y'all what really happened. What's really going on in the Charlotte music scene? It was fake. It was a hoax, n***a. Some parts was real, but it was definitely heavily fabricated after the fact," says Coldheart about the fight. "That's Hollywood for you. Everything I said after that shit happened, everything on the internet for the past year was for money, you feel me. N***a in Hollywood you have to put on a show to make money, you hear? This rap shit is not street. It's about money, period. We done got all the media money. So now back to reality. I don't even know how you guys didn't even know."

DaBaby has not commented on the allegations that the fight was fake yet. However, we expect him to clap back at some point.