As I'm sure you've already heard, DaBaby has made his new relationship with singer, DaniLeigh, Instagram official. Unfortunately, the mother of his child and former girlfriend, MeMe, doesn't seem to be taking the news very well, and neither have fans. After initially attempting to make their relationship public, Dani faced major criticism and accusations of being a "homewrecker."

"My baby idc," Dani captioned a photo of her hugging DaBaby from behind.

Just one day after after sharing their loved-up photo on IG, MeMe shared a cryptic, subliminal message to her story, firing shots at DaniLeigh and suggesting that she and DaBaby were still seeing each other. "I DON'T post him, I be with him in real life," one post read. Another said, "Yall ever plotted on a n*gga? Like yeah ima get him."

Following MeMe's arguably petty response to DaBaby's budding romance, DaniLeigh shared a subsequent post, insinuating that hers and DaBaby's relationship dates back further than we thought, revealing the two have been in correspondence since 2019. Naturally, this hasn't been sitting right with MeMe, who just coincidentally unveiled what was once a tattoo of DaBaby's name, is now a cover-up of a feather.