Regardless of the criticism he may receive from the public, the mother of DaBaby's daughter, MeMe, is going to stick by his side. The North Carolina rapper has been taking a few hits from the public following his "SKAT" collaboration with Tory Lanez, and now that he and longtime collaborator Megan Thee Stallion no longer follow one another on social media anymore, the Houston rapper's fanbase has been on the attack.

DaBaby has taken the drama in stride and now MeMe has come forward to suggest that their family unit is locked in and there's nothing anyone can say that can shake her support.

MeMe posted a photo of herself with DaBaby along with their daughter who is seen holding up her middle finger. "Them: Yo babydaddy dis, yo babydaddy dat..." MeMe wrote over the image. "Me:[eye roll emoji] Renny ... respond for mommy please." In another Instagram Story slide, MeMe added, "Respect my peace .... Cause I ont give a f*ck about nunnadatshi [smiling emoji][halo emoji]."

MeMe never backs down when it comes to defending the famous father of her child or their relationship, and she proved that last year when she went toe-to-toe with DaniLeigh on social media. DaBaby and DaniLeigh were just going public with their romance when MeMe kicked up dust with the singer online. Check out MeMe's posts below.