Directly after a performance in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, rapper DaBaby was taken into police custody for allegedly having marijuana in his car. The breakout artist has spoken out about the arrest, noting that he is being made to look like a bad influence when, in reality, he's a pretty damn good role model for kids in his city. In fact, just hours before he was detained, DaBaby was giving out hundreds of toys to local families for the holidays. His team has officially released a video of his alleged unlawful detainment and you can see that Baby went against police orders but he appeared to have reason to do so.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

DaBaby was detained for marijuana possession and resisting arrest. The latter part of his arrest can be explained partly in the video released by his team. The artist was instructed to not continue walking to his vehicle by a police officer, being informed that marijuana was found in the car. DaBaby calmly told the man that there is no way drugs were found in his whip, continuing on with his stroll to the vehicle, which is likely the reason why the resisting arrest condition was tacked on. Baby's reaction was collected though and it's honestly a shame to see things turn out the way they did.

An internal investigation has already been launched to determine if the detainment was warranted or not.