Everyone just wants to see DaBaby continue to thrive, but law enforcement keeps attempting to hold him back. On Thursday night, DaBaby was arrested for battery in Miami, just a week after he had been cited for marijuana possession and resisting arrest in his hometown of Charlotte. 

The more recent incident occurred at Florida nightclub, Cafe Iguana Pines. DaBaby and his team allegedly beat up and robbed the club promoter after he failed to provide the rapper with his full agreed-upon fee. DaBaby was apparently supposed to be paid $30,000 for hosting the evening, which was a birthday celebration for his friend and Billionaire Dollar Baby Entertainment signee, Stunna 4 Vegas. When DaBaby was only handed $20,000 and told the remaining $10,000 would only be given once the night was over, things escalated. 

The club promoter, named Kenneth, was beaten up, robbed of his belongings and doused in apple juice. A police report detailed that the stolen items consisted of $80, a credit card and an iPhone 7. According to TMZ, Kenneth is looking to pursue legal action against DaBaby & Co. Multiple attorneys have already contacted him to offer their services in siphoning some money from the buzzing rapper. Kenneth shared a photo with TMZ of the cuts and bruises left on his face from the attack, which may later help him win a lawsuit.