DaBaby has proven to be prone to random acts of kindness. When so much good fortune comes to you so quickly, you feel the need to spread it around. It doesn't make sense to hog it all. Since he stepped into the spotlight earlier this year, there have been several occasions when the Charlotte rapper has shown an unconventional amount of love to his fans. In August, he approached a fan in an airport to hand him a pair of own his own autographed kicks. After this generosity, the fan's mother was smitten with DaBaby and asked to take a photo with him. 

The "Suge" artist must have realized how much joy he could bring to people by simply gifting them a pair of his shoes - which is probably insignificant in terms of his growing wealth and shoe collection - because he engaged in this charitable act once again. On Tuesday night (Dec. 3), DaBaby filmed him interacting with a group of fans outside his concert for his Instagram story. He started shaking hands and giving hugs to a bunch of people, but one lucky dude was blessed more than the rest. The rapper is seen walking straight up to the guy and handing him a pair of shoes, eliciting a facial expression of total shock. It doesn't even seem like any words were exchanged between DaBaby and this fan, but I'm sure the love was felt regardless. 

DaBaby made another fan of his very happy this week when he cuddled up with B. Simone, who has repeatedly professed her obsession with him