Why people think DaBaby and his security, also known as his goons, aren't about that life is beyond us. The rapper's entourage will protect him at all costs as they take no chances with potential threats. Back in May, a fan reportedly wanted to take a photo with DaBaby but couldn't get his team's attention. The rapper and his crew ignored the man and were attempting to make their way into a club, but the man tapped security on the arm to make his request known, resulting in a beatdown that took the reported victim some time to recover from.

We're not even going to go into detail about the video of the mall fight that went viral (you can read about it here) because we have to get into the recent report from TMZ that yet another DaBaby fan found themselves on the wrong side of security. According to the outlet, it all went down at the Val Air Ballroom venue in Des Moines, Iowa. DaBaby was minding his business while performing to a crowd of adoring fans when one person was a bit too hyped and decided to jump onto the stage. 

The moment was reportedly meant to be a quick one as it seems as if the fan wanted to record a video of the moment. Instead, however, a security guard pushes the fan into the backstage area where someone begins to film the physical altercation that ensued. The clip is quick and it looks as if the fan is able to duck out of the way of a swinging punch just in time, but the video ends with DaBaby entering the hallway to get a look at what's going on for himself. DaBaby is not about the antics.