DaBaby's alleged slap victim, Tyronesha Laws, has filed a lawsuit against the rapper after he attacked her at his show in Tampa, although his lawyer claims she is not the woman he actually hit. The world was shocked last weekend when footage of DaBaby beating a woman in the crowd at one of his gigs surfaced online. DaBaby went on to address the incident, in which a fan flashed their bright flashlight in his face and appeared to accidentally hit him with their phone, which led to his violent reaction. While he did apologize for his actions, he maintained that his fans need to respect his space at all times.

DaBaby alleged slap victim claim sued lawsuit Tampa concert attack incident Tryonesha LawsArnold Turner/Getty Images for Universal Music Group

However, despite this gesture, the victim of the physical assault felt the apology was "insincere," especially since he went on to joke about the incident on several occasions including in a skit with comedian Michael Blackson. The woman in question, Tyronesha Laws, is now suing the rapper for "battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other damages." According to her attorneys, Matt Morgan and Chelsea Cromer of Morgan and Morgan, their "goal is to deter similar conduct in the future and send a message that this type of behavior is not tolerated in America."

Tyronesha has explained that while she was the victim of the "outrageous and shocking" violent outburst, she did not in fact flash her phone in his face. Instead, a woman next to her in the crowd was guilty of that, but Tyronesha was the one who ended up getting smacked "suddenly and without any warning." However, DaBaby's lawyer, Drew Findling, claims that Tyronesha is not actually the woman that DaBaby hit, noting that he definitely went rogue on the person holding the phone. He also revealed that plenty of other folks have approached his firm claiming to be the victim of the attack, as well.