At this point, it's almost impossible to deny that major labels are chomping at the bit for more controversy. True, it can lead to dropped sponsorships, fumbled bags, and burnt bridges -- but at the end of the day, nothing drives morbid curiosity like a little bit of conflict. 

Despite DaBaby having completed his arc into full-blown villainy, the rapper's latest single has already secured millions of views in a matter of days; it's no wonder some are already theorizing that the whole fiasco was orchestrated by 50 Cent, who recently took the controversial rapper under his wing.


 Kevin Winter/MTV VMAs 2020/Getty Images

That's not to say DaBaby's negative comments about HIV victims haven't elicited negative consequences. Many prominent artists, including the legendary Questlove, have spoken out against the "Suge" rapper and his discriminatory rant, and it's possible that many of his peers may consider keeping him at arm's length moving forward. At every turn, however, DaBaby has responded with defiance, seemingly chalking this one up to another hurdle on his road to a higher purpose.

"I was tryna be a rapper for like one more year God ready for me to be an ICON now," he tweets. "This what I asked for I proudly accept the challenge." Given how many people are openly blasting the once-beloved rapper -- who only recently secured one of the biggest songs of 2020 in "Rockstar" -- it should be interesting to see how DaBaby reacts moving forward. So far, he has opted to remain defiant, and defiant ones are certainly prone to doubling down when backed into a corner. 

Check out DaBaby's latest message below, and sound off if you think he'll be able to bounce back from his latest brush with controversy.