Things didn't go all the way smoothly during DaBaby's video shoot in his home state yesterday, according to reports. The rapper was reportedly holding a video shoot in North Carolina when gunfire erupted on the scene.

Video from the incident emerged last night as people tried to run away as shots rang off. It was later revealed that one woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Marvin Beach of WCCB Charlotte confirmed a shooting did take place.

"They hit the lady, man. They was shootin’ at us and shot a muthafuckin’ lady," a voice says in the video. "She ain’t die on the scene. I hope that lady makes it to the hospital and survives. Bitch ass n***as. Police, too. I ain’t trustin’ none of these n***s."

The rapper had previously shared a video of himself in Charlotte prior to the shooting, flashing cash and enjoying life to the fullest. DaBaby has since taken to Instagram he teased some of the music video and responded to the shooting. Apparently, he wasn't even there. "I wasn’t there for that cute ass 'shootout' I’m hearing bout," he said before using the moment to plug his own musical ventures. "but I do got a new video on the way tho."

Check out his post below.