After DaBaby was arrested twice in two weeks, it seemed there must be some sort of plot against him. His relentless upward trajectory throughout 2019 was suddenly being halted and everyone just wanted to see him keep winning. His first arrest was in his hometown of Charlotte, when police officers approached him after a sold-out show because they spotted weed in his car. He ended up being let go after a few hours, but he had to serve a bit of time in jail after his second arrest, which occurred in Miami on Thursday. A physical altercation with a party promoter led to DaBaby being detained until last night. 

Although DaBaby is due back in court on Tuesday to sort out this battery charge, he is showing fans that his hustle will remain undeterred. Today, he went on IG Live and previewed a new song, as he loves to do. While holding up multiple stacks of bills to his ears, he raps along to a ferocious Wheezy-produced track. DaBaby boasts about his Grammy nominations and his new crib. Most boldly, given his current situation, he raps about staying strapped and making his opponents hit the ground. Right now would be a perfect time for DaBaby to drop the track and make a grand statement about how nothing is stopping his success.