A few questionable tweets were sent out from DaBaby's Twitter account over the weekend and the rapper is claiming "it wasn't me." We've watched in real-time as celebrities have become victims of the almost inevitable "hack," and DaBaby has come forward to say he's the latest to have had his social media account violated. Of course, his laughing emoji at the end of his denial says otherwise.

DaBaby, Lawsuit, Hacked, Twitter
Arnold Turner / Stringer / Getty Images

On Saturday (October 10) DaBaby wrote, “Ion know who need to hear this , but I’ll slap da f*ck out any one of you n*ggas and pay for the lawsuit. Lol noooo cap." He followed it up with, "But I’d much rather keep playing p*ssy & sit on these M’s.” With as many legal issues that his alleged physical altercations have gotten him into over the last year or so, it's not surprising the DaBaby is opting to keep his nose clean.

The North Carolina rapper is facing a lawsuit over an altercation that allegedly took place at a Beverly Hills hotel. For that incident, DaBaby stands accused of assaulting an employee. He has also been accused of physically attacking a promoter in Florida and continues to face legal issues in connection with an alleged assault on a fan in Massachusetts.