DaBaby doesn't exactly care what you think; if he did, he likely wouldn't be in his current position. Which is to say, a highly successful albeit provocative star, who has all but reached commercial dominance within one year of mainstream activity. Yet the North Carolina rapper has made a habit out of doing exactly what he feels like doing, regardless of who his actions might offend. Under many circumstances, such conduct might be refreshing. But seeing as people are currently living with bated breath, DaBaby's latest IG might very well ruffle a few feathers as a result.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Some might argue that chaos breeds opportunity, and what is more chaotic than a full-blown pandemic? As such, DaBaby has decided to forego self-isolation recommendations in favor of knocking out some new visuals for Billion Dollar Baby artist Rich Dunk. "Had to mute it to keep you bitch ass n*** from stealing sauce," he captions. "On set of @richdunk_lok “GAS GAS” Video Shoot. Billion Dollar Baby ain’t stopped working at all." 

While the idea of seeing DaBaby's zany visionary spirit come alive behind the camera is certainly appealing, it's hard not to acknowledge the gravity of the ongoing global situation. In any case, it doesn't seem likely that DaBaby will let pestilence -- nor famine, death, or war for that matter -- rain on his parade. Even if the streets remain empty when it runs its course.