Each day, DaBaby provides us with another reason for why he may be the most entertaining rapper to follow on Instagram. He melted hearts with an adorable video of him and his daughter mean mugging. He hilariously captioned a video of him grinding Lizzo on stage. He spread joy by recording himself gifting a fan with an autographed pair of shoes. He bitched out Instagram for deleting his content when trying to promote a music video. And the list goes on. 

The "Suge" artist's latest offering of stellar content is a video of him going off on Siri for mispronouncing his name. His altercation with the automated assistant was sparked by him asking her to name the #1 song in the world right now. The initial thrill of having his name appear on the screen alongside Post Malone's for their collaborative track, "Enemies" off Hollywood Bleeding was quickly shattered by Siri mispronouncing 'DaBaby'. Although she had no trouble saying 'Post Malone', she butchered the North Carolina rapper's name when saying something that sounded more like 'Duh-biby'. To this, DaBaby angrily responded, "get my mothaf*ckin name right." Now that he is quickly becoming one of hip hop's biggest stars, he will not tolerate this disrespect - not even from an application. 

While the Billboard Hot 100 is the more traditional arbiter for the world's top songs, Siri is likely biased in using Apple Music's global chart to retrieve this data. While new tracks from Hollywood Bleeding will only enter the Billboard charts next week, on Apple Music, the global top 10 is entirely occupied by Post Malone songs, with "Enemies" resting in the #1 slot.