DaBaby Gets Tortured In Lil Baby & Quality Control's New "Baby" Video

Alex Zidel
August 13, 2019 12:24

Lil Baby & DaBaby get caught up in the wrong crowd.

At the beginning of Lil Baby and DaBaby's new video for their Quality Control collaboration "Baby," we get a glimpse of what's about to go down. Quick edits of a chainsaw intertwine with cuts of beautiful women in bikinis, Miami art deco and sharpened knives. Lil Baby is working in the kitchen at what appears to be a dead-end job, taking out the trash for a boss that doesn't really see much value in him. When the rapper steps into the main hall, a couple of mob bosses offer him a position with them and he accepts in a heartbeat. That's where things start going downhill.

Baby gets on the phone with his close friend, North Carolina rapper DaBaby, and tells him they're going on an adventure. They make their way to Miami and head out on assignment when DaBaby takes a little longer than expected. Lil Baby is totally unaware of the fact but his buddy is currently being tortured by a couple of mafia men, threatening him with a chainsaw and lots of blood. Finally, Lil Baby steps into the spot with a giant gun, firing at anything that moves and saving the day, allowing the duo of superstars to walk out relatively unscathed with lots of money in their pockets.

Watch the creative video above and let us know your thoughts.

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