The charges looming over DaBaby's deadly shooting case in North Carolina have been dropped. According to WSCTV in DaBaby's home state, the much-publicized Walmart shooting that ended in DaBaby firing off a loaded firearm in his own defense.

A 19-year-old named Jalyn Craig wound up dead as a result of the altercation, all within the confines of a Huntersville Wal-Mart. Although DaBaby has been fairly reticent when asked to comment on the situation, he did, however, address the situation one last time during a Breakfast Club interview at the beginning of the month.

Law enforcement officials came to their senses after properly every constituent in the altercation, including DaBaby, booked for carrying a concealed gun, nothing beyond that. After consulting with the local police dept. Wal-Mart delegates in Huntersville fell back in their chair, after coming to the conclusion the bust-up was nothing more than an isolated situation, not one that risked ever becoming a pandemic of a problem in the region. The gun laws in the Carolinas are a different kind of beast.

DaBaby's exoneration is the icing on the cake for what's been a triumphant month for the Charlotte native. After seeing his Interscope debut through to the masses, the self-styled rapper embarked upon a frenetic press run, which included a noteworthy Nardwuar interview and several festival appearances, none of which called on him to wear a satchel or a nappy just to get ahead.